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  • 16/12/2018 - 28/04/2019
  • Monday until Sunday: 15:00h - 19:30h


The Art Gallery Zermatt had its opening night in December 2018. Lucas Davis, owner and aspiring artist is setting his foot in the artistic world.

The gallery showcases not only art of Lucas Davis, every season there will be a guest artist.


Lucas Davis

Born 1983, FSG Schule für Gestaltung Olten; F+F School for art and media design Zürich; The Florence Academy of Art, Italy; abgeschlossenes Studium in City and Guilds of London Art School. Various group exhibitions and private assignments.

WINTER SPIRIT – The landscape has hardly disappeared under millions of snow crystals but has transformed itself into a slowing icy panorama. This transforms it into a new entity, showing its soul to be a sporting being and combining this with natural elements. 

The chief element of symbolism for the ice hockey player opens for us almost a feeling of transparence and dominance of the silver thermology. On the other hand, this sporting feeling becomes the dominating factor, combining the ice and snow, sport and team spirit. Hence the soul of winter becomes richer by multiple facets.

Dr. Martina Kral curator


helga zumstein

Born 1966, Schule für Gestaltung Bern in Malerei, photography and print
; Since 2002 regular exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad; member of Visarte Schweiz, Professional visual artist

SNAPSHOT – Since 2002 she has held regular displays at home and abroad. A member of “Visarte” Switzerland, the professional group of exhibiting Swiss artists. Snapshot – like a actorial diary, the scenes flow into each other which Helga produced in a series of small pictures week by week. They may seem inconsequential at first sight and lacking sensations. But they reveal themselves with closer study to be an unforgiving document of present time. Suddenly we find ourselves presented with our daily lives, with their curiosities and absurdities. 

We feel and we are amazed by Helga’s portrayal of our world, which she has chosen to illustrate with her brush. In her world full of intense colours she gives a loving impression of human moods but they never become insignificant.




  • info@lucas-davis.com
  • Hinterdorfstrasse 33, Zermatt, Schweiz
  • +41 (0) 79 732 81 63
  • Monday until Sunday: 15:00h - 19:30h